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are talking like neighbors do, a typical saturday is city scene, but these people have more in common than a zip code. they're all the victims of people who went on an overnight blitz with parked cars. >> i saw two or three other spots with glass broken and i said oops, it's going to be my car, too. >> here along this stretch of new york avenue, a gateway to the city, it tep fis development, vest detention, commercial, thriving. dozens of cars were hit and it looks like some things were stolen. >> my girlfriend's prescription glasses, some sunglasses of mine. >> some items were untouched. one victim didn't realize her car had been targeted. >> i got in my car and noticed it was really cold and i looked back and realized my passenger rear window had been smashed. >> not just this is a busy stretch of new york avenue. it's what's just across the intersection there -- that's a police station. >> it's pretty surprising, i mean nobody has ever seen anything like that happen over in this area. >> well some in the area say it's not the first time parked cars have been hit. regardless, it couldn't
to changing the law that restricts building heights in washington. city officials want taller buildings to accommodate all the growth downtown. the national capitol planning commission voted against any major changes. issa says he doesn't want to write off changing that law that generally requires buildings to be no taller than the width of the streets they face. >>> we are learning of new delays for the opening of the silver line. jim handly is at the live desk with more. >> the silver line was supposed to open in january. we are learning now about new potential issue that is could delay the project. the metropolitan airport says testing has identified problems with the train control system. they tell us software changes are being made now to make the system right. after the changes are made, more testing will be done before the project is handed over to metro. bottom line, riders may not be able to ride the silver line until the end of march. officials say their goal is safety and they want to make sure everything is perfect before opening the silver line for passenger travel. from th
. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine there was a football game here where they lost to kansas city 45-10. it was messy on the field but really messy off the field before the game started. you see espn released a report this morning around 11:00 that stated that coach mike shanahan wanted to quit this redskins team last season and cleaned out his office before their game against seattle. the report said shanahan could not stand the relationship between rg 3 and owner dan snyder. the report said coach was tired of snyder empowering griffin. some believe this was leaked out by coach shanahan so he could try to get snyder to fire him so he could get his $7 million next season without having to coach here in washington. shanahan was asked aboutt it after today's loss. >> it is not the right time or place to talkt about my relationship with dan snyder or thought the right time and place to talk about something that happened a year ago. i will get a chance to talk with dan at the end of the season. and i will give him view points from me and he will give me his thoughts and what direction we
. >> it's a good thing it's in our city. >> it is, indeed. thank you. >>> a moment of silence minutes ago. u.n. secretary general hailed nelson mandela as a giant and a man of inspiration. he said he is profoundly saddened by his passing. >> nelson mandela was a giant for justice and a human inspiration. many around the world were greatly influenced by his self-less struggle for freedom. he touched our lives in deeply personal ways. at the same time, no one did more in our time to advance the values and aspirations of the united nations. >> let's go to the live desk now. pat lawson muse with reaction from former president bill clinton. pat? >> yes, former president clinton says he's lost a true friend today. also, he says, quote, history will remember nelson mandela as a champion of dignity and f freedom. we will remember him as a man of grace and compassion for whom abandoning bitterness and embracing adversaries. back to you. >> thanks so much. we'll have continuing coverage, of course, and reaction of his death throughout the night and online at we'll also have a
his rain bow push coalition. we just learned that in new york city tonight, the lights on the empire state building will shine in the colors of the south african flag in honor of nelson mandela. jim? doreen? >> thank you. >>> virginia tech has a >>> virginia state police launched a new app today aimed at smartphone users in the commonwealth. see something, say something. you can send police pictures or video of suspicious situations. police chose potomac mills mall to debut the new tool. some worry about privacy issues. >> luxury of being anonymous is slightly taken away from you because they now have your cell phone number and your information. >> no archiving of tips or maintaining a collection data base. >> the app can be downloaded for free. the quickest way to reach them is by dialling 911 or pound 77 especially if it's an emergency. >>> virginia tech has a new president. he's been president of the university for almost 14 years. in june he announced his resignation and agreed to stay until the board found a replacement. sands was the executive vice presiden
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5